Rebuilding Notre Dame (VR)
2023-01-14 Local activity
Rebuilding Notre Dame (VR)

On April 15, 2019, the Notre-Dame cathedral caught fire. Today, Notre-Dame is not entirely saved, but still standing.

In Rebuilding Notre Dame VR, experience a unique and unprecedented immersion in the cathedral before and after the fire - narrated by the leaders who look after the iconic monument.

This is a virtual reality screening. There are four audience members at each screening. The duration of the piece is 17 minutes.

Please note: as Rebuilding Notre Dame uses a virtual reality headset, this experience is only suitable for people aged 13+.

What to expect from a VR documentary:

Rebuilding Notre Dame is a 17-minute-long documentary presented in virtual reality, 360-degree format. Each audience member will be given their own individual VR headset to watch the documentary. While viewing, you will be able to look around freely and see the scenes presented in full 360-degree form. There is no other interactive element to this experience, so you do not need to worry about video game controllers or hand gestures like you may have seen with some other VR experiences.